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Recycling March 4, 2013

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So beyond the area of life changing diet and exercise my husband and I have decided to make it a goal to recycle everything that we can.  In our city they accept Plastic #1 and 2, mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard boxes, tin, aluminum, and glass.  We have done it before but over time got lazy and stopped as I am sure many other people have done.  It seems like we always start with good intentions but then along the way we forget why we started, and I didn’t even want to make this post until we had consistently done it for 2 months, and the good news is we have.

We went out and bought 2 fairly large storage tubs that we could easily fit in the kitchen.  We couldn’t fit recycling bins in our kitchen because we live in an apartment and have limited space so this might be an idea for people in similar situations.




This is where we actually go to recycle, and there are always a lot of people.  You really get a good feeling when you recycle, and its the responsible thing to do if you live in an area where you can do it.



Today after cleaning up I had a small pile of things to put in the recycling bin, and I actually looked at what I was doing and it was satisfying to realize that what is on the left of this picture will be recycled and reused, and what is on the right went into the garbage.  Its a huge difference, and if we all did what we could then our landfills and oceans wouldn’t be overflowing with garbage.

Here are some reasons to recycle:

  • It helps preserve our planet.
  • You save animals that consume, get trapped, or die from exposure to garbage in their environment.
  • It helps reserve resources.
  • If you live in a city where you pay for garbage pick up by weight or by number of bags, recycling can save you money.
  • You feel a sense of community when you are actively working together for the better of the whole group.
Food for thought.



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One Response to “Recycling”

  1. Do you know you can also recycle your baggies? Many don’t, I’m trying to spread the word…This link will tell you where…

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