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New Year, New Me… A Lot To Take In… January 10, 2013

It’s 2013 now, and wow, is time moving fast. We’ve been silent but there’s been so much going on. We moved back in to my mother’s house, but it’s so we can save up and possibly look at getting our truly own place. Ayrion and I just got married. Nothing fancy but that comes in June still. There’s a baby on the way. Busy as a bee, what can I say?

I can say that as lovely as being pregnant is, boy, does it suck! My sensitivities have gone absolutely BONKERS. The other night, I was so itchy from a cross contamination that it had me crying but I had to tough it out. The cool mist humidifier I have, awesome, right? NO. I can’t use it because it’s giving me a sore throat and making my stuffy noses worse. UGH. If I use it in the daytime though, that’s a completely different story, then I’m fine. Nighttime, oh no, sore throat, dripping nose, can’t sleep because of the noise even if it’s on the “nighttime mode” where it muffles the sound. The overhead fan helps somewhat but if I want both, tough.

The worst part? I’m apparently building an aversion to chocolate. *cries* It’s horrible. The cake that we had for our living room wedding, was a gluten free chocolate cake, with chocolate dipped strawberries. I could do the strawberries, but not cake itself. Had a slice the following night and got a migraine. Bah. Whoever says being pregnant is always wonderful is a liar. I’m going to be grumpy about things like this for a while. It better not be something that continues once I hit my second trimester or after the baby gets here. Chocolate is almost an absolute in this family because so many of the family members love it. I know for a fact that Ayrion likes chocolate more than most females.

Along with this though, I’ve had to become even more health conscious. I keep hearing and reading various accounts about how much weight I should gain, I will know for sure after my first Doctor visit (next Wednesday, I’ll be 11 weeks to the day). I’m going to ask him for an exact calorie count for what I need to take in each day. Currently, I’m eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full; and honestly, I’m not much hungrier than I was before the pregnancy. One book says I need precisely 348 more calories a day than what I was eating before hand, another book says that if I’m on a low-calorie diet that it has to stop and I need to take in 2500 calories a day (which UGH, I really can’t picture eating that much on a daily basis). I really don’t know what to believe at this point.

Any and all advice that you have, please give me! It’s even harder because I can’t have chicken or gluten and I don’t eat much pork. I’d complain about seafood too, but I’ve *never* been a fan of that. I have my prenatal vitamins, I have my calcium supplement (Did I mention I’m lactose intolerant too?), what else do I need? Is it going to get any easier with my sensitivities or am I going to have to grin and bear it for the next 30 weeks? I guess it could be worse. I’m putting my best face forward and taking it all in. Now I have two of us to keep healthy.


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3 Responses to “New Year, New Me… A Lot To Take In…”

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  2. reneegammill Says:

    Folic acid is a must to prevent birth defects. Otherwise, listen to your body is thebest advice!

  3. Dee Says:

    toss anything you read right out your window and listen to your body. that was pretty much the best advice my obgyn gave me well that and take it easy (again listen to your body) I can’t say I had any aversions while pregnant and I didn’t suffer from morning sickness and I still drank one iced coffee a day, and actually smoked up until my 5th month ( I didn’t know I was pregnant till month 3) I ate what I wanted when I wanted and slept when I needed to. I unlike you wasn’t working at the time so it was easier for me. Don’t suffer with your allergies etc while you are pregnant there are remedies just talk to your doctor about what is safe during each trimester. Oh yeah and smile and nod at all the unsolicited advice that is gonna be lobbed at you for years to come ;)

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